Having issues with your desktop or laptop?


We can run a diagnostic, this finds out what is wrong with your device. Following diagnostics if you proceed with the repair the diagnostic charge will be included within the overall repair cost.

Full Service


Laptop or desktop running slow?

We do a full service which includes a full virus and junk program removal, add ons and the latest driver and Windows updates. 

Broken Screen


Broken the screen on your laptop?


We stock most standard (15.6") fit screens, if so the repair will be done same day. If we do not have a screen in stock we will confirm the price and arrange delivery as soon as possible.

Password Removal


Forgotten your password to your desktop or laptop?

We can remove your laptop or desktop password. We can do this the same day of collection or at a time convenient to you.

Damaged HDD?


Got a hard-drive that is making a noise or that has been dropped? 

We have company's we work closely with where we can send your storage device for lab recovery. Please contact us for details.  

Basic Service


Has someone or have you received a malicious email on your PC / laptop?

We offer a service that removes junk programs and does a basic virus removal. 

Strip Down Diagnostics


Having component issues with your laptop?

This allows us to strip down the laptop and inspect all the internal components of the device. 

Fresh Installation


Need a reinstall of your operating system?

We can reinstall the OS of your choice with all the latest drivers and updates. We can also come out to your home and reconnect your wireless, printers and check emails are working.  

Data Recovery


Have a Hard-Drive or a USB stick where you deleted or lost your data? 

We will look to recover any lost data from a storage device using our in house data recovery programs. No successful recovery? No charge!