Value Gaming PC Want a computer to get a foot in the door with gaming? Look no further! You're looking at a beautifully designed custom built PC with TLC for those with not such a big budget! This PC comes complete with a GT 710/1030 Graphics card (or without if required) and Windows 10 Home. This allows you to start your gaming careers, This PC will also allow you to start your own YouTube and streaming channels, ideal for a starter PC for kids! At CBC we pride ourselves over our custom built PC's where great care and consideration goes behind each build. With this in mind we attempt to keep our prices as low as possible without cutting corners by putting cheaper components into our machines. We pick quality parts allowing you as an end user to upgrade them when/where necessary, last longer and be more reliable too! With key features that would give most modern games a run for their money and totally upgradable too! Specifications: 	Windows 10 Home	i3 2nd Gen - 2.6GHz 3MB Cache	8GB Memory - DDR3	240GB SSD	Variation of graphics cards, ranging from onboard, GT710 or GT1030	550w Power Supply (Corsair for improved reliability)	Wireless Dongle	12-Month Warranty (Hardware failure includes; motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive and power supply)	Ready to use out the box! Installed software to get you going; 	Open Office	VLC	Adobe Reader	Microsoft Security Essentials	Fully updated Windows updates (1909)

CB Value Gaming Computer

Available Upgrades
  • This Device comes with a 1 Year RTB warranty.


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