Esports is the fastest growing industry in the work. Hype about esports has reached a new height, sparking a new era of gamers. people are creating careers out of playing video games. We strive to make all our gaming pc's are ready for esports. 

Call us today or pop into store to learn more about our esports program. 

We work hand in hand with different esports and content creators. In 2017 esports prize pool added up to over 12billion pounds, ever esports play has a chance to take some of that lump. we help host and sponsor different esports tournaments in the local area and online. 

We are working closely with local Esports teams and content creators. fill out the information below and see if you qualify to a partner of CC Gaming and sister Esports teams. 


- Age

-Esports achievements 

-Total combined social media following 

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